Blender Zoom Live Workshop  (Sept 3rd. 4pm PT, Every Sunday) 

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"This is a live Zoom class on the weekend at PT (Pacific Time Zone). We will create 3D illustrations, painterly images, and animations using Blender and the Grease Pencil.

The contents of the class will be recorded, and the videos will be shared shortly afterward. The class is limited to accommodate around 20 people."

Students Works

  • Duration
    • This is a 5 week long course, held every Sunday for approximately 3-4 hours on Sept 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th, and October 1st. The class will begin at 16:00 pm PT. (Pacific Time Zone).It is Monday morning in NZ btw. Please carefully check the time if it matches to your time zone by calendar. link 

  • Target 

    • Those who want to create 3D Illustration/paintings using Blender.
    • Those who want to be inspired at class to create high-quality works together.
    • Those who want to transition from other 3D software (such as Maya) to Blender.
    • Those who want to master Grease Pencil to make 3D images.
    • Those who want to use it for backgrounds in anime and comics, etc.
  • Overview

    • An online workshop specialized in 3D painting creation for Blender 3D beginners and intermediates.

      Ideally, you have some experience with 3D software or Blender, but if you have the enthusiasm, I'll explain it so even beginners can participate. Basic operations will also be explained through videos.

    • Using my Grease Pencil modeling tool add-on, you will create 3D objects as if drawing pictures smoothly.

    • Each week you'll have assignments, and I will support you in real-time with Discord, accepting questions instantly. I also accept task reviews and questions at the beginning of each class.

    • If you can't attend the class on the day or want to review later, videos will be recorded and shared immediately.

    • (I think that securing about 6 to 10 hours of production time is necessary for each week's assignment production.)

    • Even if you don't usually draw illustrations or paintings, you can still participate.

    • The viewing period for the recorded videos is expected to last 6 months.

  • Content

    Week 0

    • Create simple low-poly and grease pencil works as a warm-up before class
  • Week 1

    • Basic practice of Grease Pencil, GP to Mesh modeling,  Vertex Paint with Deep Paint addon
    • Garden & Treehouse production
  • Week 2

    • Practice with materials, nodes
    • Lighting in illustration style, environmental illustration production
  • Week 3

    • Material, modeling, texture studies.
    • Create 3D Flower Paint and butterfly.
  • Week 4

    • Character modeling with Sculpt & Grease Pencil
      Mixamo Rig and Pose
  • Week 5

    • Animation, etc. (content subject to change)
    • Review meeting


  • What You Need
    1. PC (Windows or Mac). Recommended specs can be found here: Blender Requirements
    2. A second monitor for Zoom viewing (a tablet is also acceptable)
    3. Microphone
    4. Three-button mouse
    5. Pen tablet (it's possible to use only a mouse, but even a relatively inexpensive one like Wacom's Intuos Small is very convenient. You can also use an iPad or similar device as a tablet.)
  • Software Used Blender 3.6, Zoom. This time I will be using add-ons that follow standard 3D operations like Maya, but you may use the default settings or your own settings as well.

    Files Numerous files including custom modeling tools using Grease Pencil, custom brush add-ons, and some PDF materials.

  • Instructor: GAKU

    After working at Sony Computer Entertainment in Japan, I moved to the United States. I have been engaged in Hollywood film VFX for many years at Digital Domain in America, ILM in Canada, Weta Digital in New Zealand, and others. I have participated in many works, including "Avatar," "Planet of the Apes," "Iron Man," and more. Currently residing in New Zealand, I am a university instructor, offering online classes, and working as a freelancer. Lately, I've been creating illustrations and videos in a watercolor-like 3D style using Blender.

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What Student say about the Class

  • "I was able to gain motivation by immediately asking questions about the parts I stumbled on, receiving answers, and sharing weekly tasks, and it was a continuous joy and inspiration every time. The add-on tools were also very user-friendly, and greatly lowered the hurdle for things like modeling." - EMI

  • "I liked GAKU-sensei's watercolor and painterly style, so I enrolled in the course, wanting to incorporate such expressions into my own works. The result was a parade of information that made me say, "That's what I wanted to know!" He generously teaches not only the basics of Blender but also techniques for painterly expressions. I was a bit worried as it was my first experience with grease pencil, but it became an indispensable tool as modeling became easier and the range of painterly expressions dramatically expanded. It was a very meaningful one month." - Ayura

  • "I usually give up easily but I was able to maintain my motivation through the weekly assignments, being inspired by the works of other students, and quietly fueling my competitive spirit. Also, thanks to Gaku-sensei's original add-ons, even those like me who are not good at drawing or those who are uncomfortable with 3D modeling were able to create attractive 3D works in no time!" -- GON

Refunds request policy:

Refund 5 days before 75% tuition 
Refund within 5 days class starts - 50% tuition
Refund after started class 0% tuition