1. Before Begin

    2. Introduction

    3. CustomPie&Key Addon

    4. How to install the custom pie and keymaps

    5. shortcut PDF for windows

    6. shortcut PDF for macOS

    7. Lesson PDF part1

    8. User Interface

    9. Basic operations

    10. Basic edit mode

    11. Lesson PDF part2

    12. Reference Images

    13. Low poly modeling

    14. Fantasy house modeling

    1. How to create low poly environment

    2. Lesson PDF

    3. Week02 base scene file

    4. LandScape Sculpting

    5. Paint Dressing

    6. Material Settings

    7. Lighting Environment

    8. Animation Setting

    9. Camera, Render setting

    1. Lesson PDF

    2. Week03 base scene file

    3. Blender Material Basics

    4. Texture Setup

    5. Shot Lighting

    6. Mixamo Animation

    7. Toon Shading

    1. Lesson PDF

    2. Week04 Base scene file

    3. Custom Grease Pencil Addon

    4. GP Basics

    5. Tree drawing with GP

    6. Flower drawing with GP

    7. Flower deep paint with mesh

    1. Lesson PDF

    2. Week05 Base scene file

    3. 3D Water Color Painting

    4. Grease Pencil Animation Basics

    5. Gaku's sample GP art scenes to share

    1. How to set up Camera

    2. How to set up objects for Weight Paint

    3. Texture Bake and How to setup Cluster Avatar

    4. How to set up Reflection at Eevee render

    5. How to setup paint object

    6. Array Modifier

    7. Array curve modifier

    8. Denoise and GPU render

    9. Camera Path Animation

    10. Vertex Paint

    11. How to set up lighting at Eevee render

    12. Blend Shape Animaiton

    13. Mix Shader

    14. Projection mapping

    15. Cloth Simulation

    16. How to add keyframes for animation

    17. Rigging with Mixamo

    18. Simple Character Sculpting

    19. How to set up force field for particles

    20. Sound Editing

    21. How to make 3D Text

    22. Terrain Generator Addon

    23. Tree Generator Addon

    24. How to make a tree from mesh

    25. Lighting with HDRI mapping

    26. Asset Browser

    27. Cycle and Eevee render

    28. Blend 2 animation with NLA editor

    29. About loop selection

    30. Eevee lighting


  • $200.00
  • 72 lessons
  • 10 hours of video content


  • Want to learn Blender 3D software from the basics. 
  • Want to transition from other 3D software (such as Maya) to Blender. 
  • Want to try creating watercolor 3D and three-dimensional paintings with the grease pencil. 
  • Want to draw illustrations and concept art using Blender. Want to try using Blender for backgrounds in anime and manga. 
  • Want to create assets and environments for metaverse and VR, Games. 
  • Want to try out 3D computer graphics. 
  • Want to create your own animation work.


This is a Blender introductory video course aimed at beginners and intermediate users. 

The course is spoken in Japanese, English translated captions are provided. Additionally, there are captions in Spanish, French, Korean, Chinese, Italian, and Russian.

 Designed to be easily understood even by complete beginners, this course starts with an explanation of the interface and simple low-poly modeling, and covers a wide range of topics including animation basics, lighting, grease pencil introduction, and three-dimensional watercolor-style painting. Along with various assignments, it aims to deepen your understanding of Blender in general and ultimately equip you with the skills to freely create 3D illustrations, and animations.

Additionally, we have community space for questions, interaction and information exchange among participants. (However, please note that the community may be moved or terminated due to operational circumstances or situations.)

  • About

    About 10 hour video contents with some lesson PDF. Contains with sample scene files for each chapters. Custom Pie Addon and Custom GP brush addon. Community. Some my art blender files.

  • Blender

    Version 3.2 and up, Will be using custom pie and keymaps that is similar as Maya or Unity

  • Requirements

    Windows/ Mac, 3 Button Mouse, Drawing Tablet (Optional)

Example works explained in this course

Preview image

Student Works

Testimonials from participants:

  • "After taking the course, even though I had mediocre knowledge and was weak with PCs, I was able to create animations as if by magic (I had zero knowledge of CG)." -- TN

  • "I was a beginner who had just started with Blender. The amount of information in the course was extensive, but by creating various assignments and thinking about them, I was able to have fun and learn various techniques. Gaku's course is highly recommended because it gives you an idea of what you can do with the software beyond just its functions!" -- EM

  • "I had tried to touch Blender a little in the past but kept giving up and ended up not understanding anything. However, as soon as I took Gaku's class, I was able to quickly learn the basic operating methods. As I progressed through the first and second weeks, I was taught how versatile Blender can be, and the fun increased with each passing week! He taught me again the joy of creating something with CG! This is a highly recommended class for those who think Blender is difficult to approach!" -- Kenshi

  • "Even as a beginner, I was able to level up step by step and naturally acquire skills from the basics to applications through the assignments. I gained a lot of knowledge in the course, and compared to other online courses, I was able to learn widely and surely. Since I like drawing, Gaku also polished my storytelling and artistic sense!" -- Flotan


 Started my Art and VFX skills and career from SCE (Sony Computer Entertainment) in Tokyo for games and moved to LA for Digital Domain to work on multiple big VFX shows as 3D generalist and then moved to New Zealand Weta Digital in 2004 for King Kong, and worked for many shows as lead and senior lighting TD. Also worked some show for ILM in Canada. Now running online art school as a founder as well as freelance work.

Article WACOM
Article 80LV


Gaku's Blender Works


  • What is included in this course?

    The "Blender Basics and Grease Pencil " includes content that teaches basic Blender operations and techniques related to 3D painting. Specifically, it explains how to use the interface, modeling, textures, materials, lighting, rendering, animation, and the basics of grease pencil 3D illustrations. Community space for questions, share works, communications. Some Gaku's blender art files.

  • I took the "Blender Basics Online Class" before, is the content the same?

    Yes, there are some updates and such, but the video course is primarily created based on the lectures conducted in the "Blender Basics Online Class".

  • Can a beginner learn?

    Yes, this course is designed for beginners and provides step-by-step learning from the basics of Blender to knowledge about 3D painting. Even beginners can learn with ease.

  • What version of Blender is used in the course and what PCs are supported?

    This course uses Blender version 3.2 or later. Although the course is conducted on a Windows computer, it is possible to work on a Mac without any problems. Official recommended specifications for Blender can be found here:

  • When can I start watching the course after purchasing it? and is there a time limit for viewing?

    You can watch the course immediately after you have purchased and completed payment. You can log in to access the dashboard and start viewing. Also purchasers may view the course indefinitely from the date of purchase.

  • Is this English translated Class?

    Yes, this is a video of a Japanese class that has been edited and further includes English translation captions. Additionally, there are captions in Spanish, French, Korean, Chinese, Italian, and Russian.

  • Is support available?

    Yes, you can ask questions and share your work within the community. However, due to operational reasons or circumstances, the community may be moved or closed. In such cases, we ask for your understanding and cooperation.

  • Do you accept refunds after purchasing a course?

    Because the course is digital content, no refunds will be accepted. Please check the contents thoroughly before purchasing.